Poles dancers say their performance is sporting not sexy


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I have seen incredible poll dancing that was in no way associated with, in, or near strip clubs. The incredible skill alone separates them from run of the mill strip clubs dancers and is easily equal to Olympic gymnastics.

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There is no doubt that it takes strength and skill to pole dance.

Which is why I'm always impressed when I watch strippers doing it with skill.

Poll dancers can not like that association all they want - but the fact is that anyone who has spent any time at a strip club in their life is going to associate poll dancing with strippers and sexiness. Maybe time will change that, but it's going to take at least a generation, and even then it may be a lost cause, as strippers are likely to keep on poll dancing as well.

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I guess All The Stripers are Gold Medal Winner's

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toy sword and red-crested helmet

no sexual imagery, then.


Is poll dancing that thing that precedes elections?

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Heh, it may be.

But in this case it was me misspelling. I realized right away after submitting, but of course once submitted on JT it's there for eternity unless it offends an admin.

Having a two minute grace period in which messages could be edited would be nice.

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