Shinkai seeks global success for film that conquered Japan


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That would be great if it does. Since he explains that so much of it is unique to Japan and related to the disasters of 2011 I think they can't expect it to relate to everyone or for everyone to see it and try to empathise with Japanese if they want it to be successful -- they have to have made enough that is universal and that all people can relate to to an extent.

Still, it's nice to know that there are some people who might be able to fill Miyazaki's shoes to an extent.

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What is Makoto Shinkai smoking? Your Name will never sell outside of Japan. Heck even the Shin Gojira flopped overseas.

There is something inherent in all Japanese movies that make them unmarketable overseas. Only Japanese do not realize what that is.

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Well I am looking forward to seeing this, being screened next week in Scotland. He makes some amazing Anime hope this does well around the world.

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