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'Himizu' looks at love and madness in post-tsunami Japan

By Ella Ide

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I want to see this. Interesting.

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Love sion sono's work.

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One of the film’s most striking themes is the total breakdown of the family unit, as demonic parents violently beat their children and taunt them mercilessly, pleading with them to commit suicide and even preparing the noose.

All out of his imagination. This is a huge insult to anyone in the quake area. People are, in anything, drawing closer. Weddings are being held in the shelters, and I've seen too many parents grieving the loss of family members to believe that those left behind would encourage others to kill themselves. This is awful.

After March 11, Japan has to be considered unstable. I believe our days of normality have ended and we have entered where ‘beyond the norm’ appears to be never-ending” Sono said, adding: “Not all the victims of 3/11 are good people

If he has evidence that anything like this is happening, perhaps he has the right to film it (although I would still find it callous). But this is fiction! It's nothing but his idea of what could happen. It's unnecessarily hurtful. What an ego.

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I agree with Himajin and it seems to me the most unstable one in all this is Sono himself. Milking the disaster for a chance at his own glory, he seems more like a tortured soul using other misery to go through his own form of self-therapyand unable to get over his daddy-issues.

I know that sounds harsh and I truly apologise to fans of Sono, but I just see this guy as having an ego the size of a planet. Sorry.

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I am a huge Sono fan and I am yet to see a bad movie from him, but - and I do not want to pre-judge before watching the movie - this strikes me as quite cynical.

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Looking forward to seeing that movie. Cold Fish was an amazing movie.

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that girl is not bad at all

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