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'Spirit' fades for famed animation studio after Miyazaki signs off

By Megumi Lim

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I find this news very disheartening. I grew up watching there movies and now its one of the last bastion of the type of old fashion drawing style that I love. I do hope they will still make movies.

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Marnie was one of the best Ghibli films in years. It had heart, beauty, and characters who felt very real. People just didn't give it the chance it deserved...while it may not be at the same level as Miyazaki's legendary works, no movie ever will be.

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Nothing will take away Miyazaki's legacy and central message around the best of human values

What is sad is the message about the environment and integration with life on earth has largely gone unnoticed by Japan's political centre of gravity.

So is is not surprising the global corporations and their partners running our media seek to dilute Miyazaki's central theme and under guise of the studios handcraft animation technique.

As the message of integration with the natural world after all is an anathema to the current elitist worldview at the apex of our developed and developing economies.

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Thank you Mr. Miyazaki. You made the world better.

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Actually making hard choices, including no longer making their animation in Japan, is exactly what they should do. It's business, people. If they can't find a way to create movies people will go see, too, then nothing good will happen.

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Just as Walt Disney was to Disney. Hayao Miyazaki was/is Studio Ghibli and it is without question that the greatest Studio Ghibli works will always be a Hayao MIyazaki work.

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I have to disagree with you KariHaruka about Disney. Although many of the greatest Disney films were within the era of Walt Disney there are so much more amazing Disney films outside of the years Walt worked on them. Miyazaki may be the face of Studio Ghibli but he is not Studio Ghibli.

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I grew up watching his work on TV starting with "Lupin the Third" and his 'Lupin' is still my favorite compared to others. I even consider "The Castle of Cagliostro" to be one of his best movie along side "Nausica of the Wind Valley" both done before Studio Ghibli was built. And for those that grew up watching "Girl of the Alps: Heidi", "3000 Leagues in Search of Mother", "Rascal the Raccoon" and "Future Boy Conan" on TV as I did, it's quite clear if he's not at the helm of the work released by Studio Ghibli. So for me, Miyazaki is Miyazaki..

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In June, Suzuki, 66, told a podcast for fans he had cautioned staff to keep merchandising sales below $100 million to sharpen the focus on movie-making.

Odd advice! My niece in Australia cannot get enough 'Totoro' stuff from here. Imaginably there are many others like her around the place.

Making movies and quality ones is admirable and I hope they can continue to do so. However, merchandising brings in the bread to do this. As well, local and top level for 'Cool Japan' and other soft diplomacy can do and do do much worse than Ghibli. It makes me wonder the extent to which inward-looking perspectives have taken hold to the detriment of Ghibli Studios.

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Hand-writing is tougher than we imagine in making movies.

However,devoting a great deal of time and care is strong point of Gibli animation.

Miyazaki know how important it is.

I believe that keeping traditional way from MIyazaki is only way for Gibli to succeed.

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It stands to reason that when the name behind a genius copany he/she creates leaves it'll change and lose some of its luster. It doesn't mean the change is necessarily bad. Same happened when Jobs left Apple (albeit for very different reasons!); people are still in doubt and the company image has changed somewhat, but it's still the company created by Jobs, as Gibli is Miyazaki, and great things (maybe different in style and feeling) may come yet.

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