'Star Wars' 7 may bring new hope, but also letdown

By Ryan Nakashima

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It would be great to have Mark Hamill reprise his role and play an aging Luke Skywalker. He would be basically stepping into Obi-Wan's shoes (or boots). It would bring the whole saga full circle.

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As long as George Lucas stays away from it there is hope - but I'm not holding my breath.

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Jorge was kept along as a 'Executive Consultant', but is not being let anywhere near the directors chair or being given creative control

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Given the proliferation of storylines and characters in the “expanded universe,” Kaminski said there’s a good chance that some of those storylines will be cast aside, altered, or even contradicted outright... Beyond some broad strokes that the movies hint at — such as Luke’s passing on the Jedi ways — it seems doubtful that such a creative mind as Lucas would surrender the movies’ outcome to tales that have already been written.

Quite right. I would be happy if the "expanded universe" was completely ignored. I do not care much for spin-off fiction and do not think it should be accorded the same kind of status and respect as original ideas.

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As long as George Lucas stays away from it there is hope - but I'm not holding my breath.

Agreed. From now on film students should study Lucas as THE example of an artist who did great things but completely lost it.

I'll give Disney a chance as long as they don't find a way to bring back Vader which is what some rumors suggest.

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Given the size and scope of the "expanded universe," it's almost inevitable that, no matter how original and creative a story Disney comes up with, some fan fiction geek will sue for plagiarism. You heard it here first. ;-)

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Of course it will be a flop. Disney will make it into a movie for young adults and pre teens. It will be the nail in the coffin. Gear up for the next SW disney ride... you will only have to wait 6 hours to get a go -_-

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I hope Disney doesn't go in there, "and ruin all the fun of the movies." Seriously, Disney worries me, especially with something as serious to me as Star Wars (I watched since I was an infant), they could really disturb me... They're different, and Star Wars is masculine, and even borders on religious the way they make stands against evil with wisdom? At any rate, hopefully Disney doesn't hurt me if I sit down to watch the whole thing!

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Of course it will be a flop. Disney will make it into a movie for young adults and pre teens.

GL already did that with Episodes 1 and 2 and 6, or have you forgotten about the Ewoks and Jar Jar Binks?

What would be nice is a serious Star Wars film with decent acting, a real plot and visual effects that aren't generated 99% by computer. What would really be interesting is to get the Battlestar Galactica writers and director to take charge of the Star Wars franchise and see what they could do with it.

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They should do "Darth Vader & Princess Leia vs Captain James T. Kirk & Lt. Uhura."

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Introduce Predator as the villain.

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Predator! Dang, I forgot all about him, and his Alien sidekick!

Predator & Alien vs Darth Vader & Princess Leia! Kirk and Uhura need a break from rescuing the galaxy anyway.

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