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Superman, Wonder Woman lock lips as power couple


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I always liked the Batman Wonder Woman flings in the comic books and tv show myself but I guess this works. Maybe I'll even pick up a couple of the new superman comics, haven't been into the man of steel for over a decade. Hopefully they're making him a little more interesting in the reboot.

All hail the new 52!

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People and super heroes move on.

Glad to see the one man/one woman/one love dopey ideal dumped. Goodbye Lois Lane. Goodbye Bruce Wayne. Superman and Wonderwoman are moving on and found eachother...until they too break up and move on again.

New love is a wonderful thing. To each their own. Not knocking permanent monogamy here. Just saying that as an ideal, for most of us, its the road to extreme disappointment boredom. For those that find it, great, but its no better than what anybody else has.

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I am sick of DC messing with continuity and canon every 5 or so years. I actually stopped reading the New 52 after 4 months ... but when I saw this I rushed back and downloaded the missing months..... damn you DC and your seductive story lines!!!!

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I guess in my own opinion, it's better than Batman and Superman locking lips.

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I feel sorry for Lois Lane....(T_T)

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Works for me! I often feel like Wonder Woman, looking for SuperMan. One day, one day........

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They should make a Wonder Woman movie starring Beyonce as Wonder Woman and Erika Sawajiri has her arch rival.

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would love to see some "super kids" coming out.... if you know what i mean.

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