Teen saga 'Hunger Games' hits big screen


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Sounds cool! Hope it's not too gory.

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I think I've read that story...it was called Battle Royale.

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@Warnerbro and that one was gory, wonder how the american "version" is

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Battle Royale had teens killing teens to survive on an island, but calling The Hunger Games the 'American version' is like saying that Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings is the same because they have magic, castles and wizards.

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"Collins set her trilogy in a North America ruined by global warming, endless wars and the battle for ever-scarcer resources" Sounds like someone was playing a little too much Fallout.

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Sounds cool! Hope it's not too gory.

They toned it down from the book to be PG-13.

As I had described it in this thread:


Like "Lord of the Flies" mixed with futuristic "1984." While "Battle Royale" is more in present times. The movie was toned down to be PG-13 (so the tweens who are already reading the books in middle school could more easily watch it) and, as usual with book-to-movie adaptations, stuff had to be cut out to fit around 2.5 hours. Plus some other changes.

Theaters were not as crowded as other midnight debut blockbusters (it's 7th overall), though it's tops for a non-sequel movie.


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