Temple Yoga: The ultimate Zen experience

By Maxine Cheyney

If you're tired of gym yoga sessions, dangerously candle-lit home yoga or YouTube-inspired practices, here is a new option for you: Temple Yoga in the very heart of Tokyo.

My martial arts series has certainly taken its toll on my body, and I was missing out on my normal yoga practice at home. The signs of strain were written in my waddle-like walk and my unnatural posture. But I was off to experience something brand new, and I was more than excited.

Ignoring the early Saturday morning start, it was with absolute relief that I set foot in the Gohyaku-Rakan Temple in Meguro. Greeted by streams of crisp morning weekend sunlight, I entered with trepidation. There is always a sense of “I don’t belong here” when I walk into a temple or shrine in Japan. It’s just that feeling that you are blaspheming or causing offense by encroaching on a space that is not yours.

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