The Eagles have no regrets about earlier life in the fast lane

By Belinda Goldsmith

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It was during those years The Eagles produced a string of hits, such as “Hotel California” and “Lyin’ Eyes”, with their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 album still ranked as one of the best-selling albums with sales topping 29 millio

Maybe drugs are really good!

But for whatever reason, The Eagles...one of the greatest bands ever/

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I was a fan of the hits but knew little more of them when I was offered a free ticket to the Hell Freezes Over show at Tokyo Dome in '95 (I doubt I would have bought one). It was one of the best live shows I've seen, great songs and great musicianship.

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I am glad I saw their show in the early nineties when they still look quite young. This got to be the greatest American band ever, singing in perfect harmony and offering many many memorable songs. Yep, I can see that one need to get stoned to be really creative!

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I'm glad I still have my pre-Eagles Joe Walsh albums. In my opinion, he was never better than on Barnstorm and "The Smoker You Drink..."

I can't comment on his work with The Eagles. If I never hear *Hotel California" again, especially in karaoke, that will be fine with me.

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I was always more of a Grand Funk sort of a guy, but the Eagles have a few good songs too.

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Ah, those were the days ... we thought they'd never end ...

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An unlimited supply of drugs, booze and teenage girls ...I'm certain they would have died with smiles on their faces if they didnt get through the 70s! Yep, I'm envious...

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