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The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches to Go


Bento (box lunches), inspired by the Japanese tradition, are taking the West by storm. More than just cute and decorative, this economical, healthy approach to eating will revolutionize your lunchtimes.

Leading bento blogger Makiko Itoh has been spreading the bento word on her hugely popular website Just Bento, but now, for the first time, her bento expertise has been packaged in book form. "The Just Bento Cookbook" is a treasure trove of delicious recipes and practical tips, and shows you how a daily bento lunch is something you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.

"The Just Bento Cookbook" contains 25 attractive bento menus and more than 150 recipes that have been specially created for the book. It is divided into two sections, Japanese, and Not-so Japanese. The Japanese section includes classic menus such as Sushi Roll Bento and Chicken Karaage Bento, while the Not-so-Japanese section shows how Western food can be adapted to the bento concept with delicious menus such as Summer Vegetable Casserole Bento and Everyone Loves A Pie Bento.

In addition to the recipes, there are sections on bento-making equipment, staples to make and stock, speed and safety tips, and a glossary. There are timelines to streamline your morning preparation. A planning-chart section is included, showing how you might organize your weekly bento making.

Whether you are just starting out on your bento journey, or already an aficionado, this book, with its wealth of recipes, tips, and practical guidelines, is sure to become an invaluable resource.

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Most bentos include white rice, which doesn't have much nutrition.

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She really has great recipes on her site. Can't wait for the book.

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I'm a fan of bento, but agree with Sarge on the overabundance of basically useless white rice. I look for brown rice versions or at least something nutritional added. OR, simply make my own. Between Itoh's new book (contratulations there!) and Shizuoka Gourmet's daily bento posting (all hail "The Missus"), we are all in good shape for lunchi. :-D

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Where in the USA will I be able to buy the book????

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Amazon is your friend. $13.46

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It is ok now and then, but most are rather similar and the same awfull rice each lunch time would drive me round the bend.

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"She really has great recipes on her site. Can't wait for the book"

Foxie--She does have a really interesting website. She has her books on there and her interpretation of jury duty, among other things. Interesting reading. : )

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I didn't know white rice has no nutrition. So what's a guy to do?

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the author is pre-diabetic. watch your processed carbs intake.

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Reminds me of the old Century 21 commercial, "For your just!"

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In defense of the author, I have yet to buy a book or related book from the same authors noted on JT that weren't good or really good. Somewhere there is going to be an exception. I do not think Makiko Itoh will be the one.

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