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The spy who quit? Lovers keep 007 passive smoking risk up


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There is no need to show smoking in films. They don't show people taking a dump or doing other mundane tasks, so why do they need to show people smoking unless they have been paid to do so?

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how totally pathetic this is. surely better to live as bond di with all his vices than be a (say) herbivore.

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Craig had at that time drunk an average of 20 units of alcohol per film since his debut in 2006’s “Casino Royale,”

Who can blame the man for drinking, when he is surrounded by nanny types telling him he needs to worry about second-hand smoke when he's not crashing cars, being shot at or jumping from helicopters?

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Why doesn't he just shoot the smoking girls after he gets what he needs but before they light up. Win-win scenario!

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