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The staying power of 'Gangnam Style'


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Quick Americans! Name another song by Psy.

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This song was old the second time I heard it. Also its not really any different than tons of other Asian songs that actually are much better and of much better quality. Not to suggest suggest that Psy's song is bad, I am happy that he is making his hay on this one. Also to the above poster, what has this got to do with Americans?

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This song for sure will be remembered and glorified for decades... Dear music industry now you have the right to shut it and stop complaining about people not buying your products anymore.

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Is it still around?


You know what's funny, 5 years from now folks will avoid speaking about this song and will try to deny they ever danced to it. But sadly for them and great for the rest of us we have them on tape.

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As for Gangnam Style's staying power, I have two words:


But seriously, it's all the way down to #5 on the Billboard hot 100.

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Is there any app that can crop out Psy from the pic ?

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Other than the extremely hot ladies, why would anyone watch this? I finally watched (tried watching that is) this last weekend and I don't get it. Wife begged me to turn it off and I did not argue.

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PSY also closed out this weekend's American Music Awards. Even ESPN of all things did their own Gangnam style:


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I heard 'Do the Hokey Pokey' was a hip song back in the day too...

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Can't imagine ol' Psy has too many complaints. He continues to get rich and continues to be able to dance with the hottest little numbers in sequined hotpants going around.

Isn't the point of it that It's just parody - it's fun. People like that. He's just having a laugh. He's making fun of himself as much as he is the materialistic, egocentric scene he parodies.


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it's all the way down to #5 on the Billboard hot 100.

Wow, only number 5 out of the top 100 songs. Psy must be really upset by that.

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Name another song by Psy.

I don't know about Americans, and who cares anyway. 'Champion' is a pretty cool song, though. Psy's a talented musician. Give him his due.

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I love that song and his performance with Madonna was just hilarious! The world needs people like him to cheer us up!

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Many of you miss the point, take yourselves way too seriously, or are simply denying reality. The song is popular because it is fun, catchy, and different. It marks an important progression for South Korea being accepted into other cultures around the world. Just as it was once 'cool' to be Japanese, it is now 'cool' to be South Korean. Personally I think the song is MUCH better than the majority of JPOP crap these days.

And to Rowan M, I have just two words for you: "Pink Lady". LOL.

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Hahaha staying power - none of these lame songs have any - as some one mentioned Macarena - and what about the stupid 'crazy frog song' - none one ever mentions those even tho the sheeples went crazy over them at the time - this will be the same

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the first man who saw this song said oh waw the other in the surrounding fallow that oh waw and this how the media made that perception waw song no one asked that first person why he said oh waw because he thought that the singer copying the monkey so nicely

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