'The Summer Girl: A Movie Star Love Story'


“The Summer Girl: A Movie Star Love Story” is an insider’s look at Hollywood in a novel for young adult readers. It’s also a breakthrough concept in e-reading, launched via Apple’s App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The success to date of "The Summer Girl" reflects the current worldwide growth in e-reading. A report by Forrester Research forecasts that e-book sales will total $966 million in 2010 and that in 2011, the $1 billion line for total e-books sales will be crossed.

Proving the irresistible global appeal of the combination of Hollywood and young love, "The Summer Girl" has been experiencing a rapidly expanding e-readership spanning North America, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, China/Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore and the Philippines, among other countries. Readers from Kazakhstan to France have downloaded the book’s app.

Written by Charlotte Kandel, former worldwide head of publicity for Warner Bros Motion Pictures, the novel about a Minnesota intern at a celebrity PR agency in Beverly Hills offers a juicy mystery, a love story with a twist, some publicity secrets and a multimedia reading experience. The app also includes original video content.

Provided as a companion piece to the novel, “Ask A Hollywood Intern” features on-camera footage in which real-life interns, such as the book's heroine, offer practical do’s and don’ts and invite readers to submit questions or share their interning experiences via the app, or on the book’s website or Facebook wall (see below for URLs).

Kandel, who has worked with some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, including Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, shows her in-depth knowledge of Tinseltown with scenes that could be case studies for communications majors and a cast of characters that will keep readers of celebrity magazines guessing.

“The Summer Girl: A Movie Star Love Story” also offers its first 3 chapters free, charging just $2.99 for hooked readers to find out just what happens to heroine Lucy Holt in the forbidden romance that sweeps her off her feet.

“As the result of my experiences at Warner Bros,” Kandel says, “'The Summer Girl' is a real insider’s perception of what it can mean for an ‘ordinary’ girl to get involved with a movie star. In celebrity PR, things are always happening that are so much stranger than fiction.”

"The Summer Girl" offers a level of interaction between the reader, the author and the intern interviewee that no other previous app has been able to offer. “As a writer who comes from a marketing background,” Kandel adds, “it’s very satisfying to be in the forefront of a whole new reading experience.”

http://facebook.com/TheSummerGirl http://www.summergirlbook.com http://twitter.com/summergirlbook

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