'The Zombie Survival Guide' finally gets a Japanese release

By Philip Kendall

Japan is facing a potential crisis. While the rest of the world has been readying itself for the zombie apocalypse for years now thanks to the likes of author Max Brooks and his "The Zombie Survival Guide," the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun have been given precious little to prepare them for life after society has been torn to shreds by the flesh-hungry living dead.

Thankfully, with "World War Z" – a movie loosely based on Brooks’ 2006 novel of the same name – finally hitting Japanese cinemas on Aug 10, the powers that be have decided it is time to arm the nation with the knowledge it’ll need to survive. Arriving in bookstores next month, a Japanese language version of "The Zombie Survival Guide" might just keep the country going until we can start rebuilding society.

Containing an alarming amount of information about the undead, how best to tackle them, and handy tips for life sans creature comforts, the book is written in an entirely deadpan (some might say paranoid, but they won’t be so smug when those strong arms start coming through the living-room windows!) narrative voice, making use of "historical" data and recorded outbreak-related incidents to better equip humankind for the grim future.

Suffice it to say, the book is an absolute blast for any zombie and post-apocalyptic survival fans, and a startling number of the tips that can be found within its pages can actually be adapted to real-life, non-zombie-related survival situations.

Containing all of the original chapters, technical diagrams and instructions, Brooks’ book has been lovingly translated into Japanese and will go on sale from Aug 8, priced 1,890 yen.

A movie adaptation of the "The Zombie Survival Guide" is due to arrive sometime in 2014.

Source: My Game Newsflash

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I love the English version of this book. I also enjoyed seeing it on a book shelf in Sapporo in the "self help"'section.

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he he he nice

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Ahh yeah, I remember this book. I read it 9 years ago.

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If you count the exponentially increasing numbers of cell phone users as zombies (which they are), then a book like this is needed to save your sanity.

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