10 reasons why you need to visit Kochi

By Sophie Skillett

During September’s Silver Week I had the pleasure of travelling to Shikoku for the first time. My mission was to explore Kochi Prefecture for three days courtesy of the Japan Explorer Pass with Japan Airlines – an affordable and convenient way to travel all around Japan for a flat fare of 10,800 yen. Japan Airlines (JAL) operates five flights to Kochi every day, and with the Explorer Pass, you’ll be flying in style at a bargain price.

Now I’m here to give you ten of the best reasons why you need to book this little-known prefecture into your travel schedule asap.

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Kochi's a great place--haven't been there for a while. Only 10,800 yen? Great deal, but it sounds like there might be some catch to that fare. Anyone have more info on that?

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Japan Airlines (JAL) operates five flights to Kochi every day,

From where? Is that 5 in total from other places in Japan? Or is that just Tokyo?

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@Joeintokyo; It was referenced at the bottom of the linked article, but here is the direct link to info about the pass:

※Note that if you live in Japan this won't work for you because of this restriction:

● "Only individuals residing outside Japan with a return ticket leaving Japan are eligible to purchase Japan Explorer Pass fares."

@Moonraker: JAL has flights to Kochi from Haneda (5 daily flts), Nagoya (2 flts daily only to Komaki, the domestic airport, NOT Chubu Int'l) and Fukuoka (2 daily flts).

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Thanks, kawachi.

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You're welcome, Moonraker.

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Kochi city is Ryoma's home town. However, I doubt that many foreigners touring Japan have heard of him. If you have limited time but have a car, drive to the SE cape, Muroto or the SW cape, Ashizura. If you've got plenty of time and like to hang out on beaches, look at the one that's 1 km SE of Nishibun on the Tosa-Kuroshio Railway on the way to Muruto. (But, in tsunami season ... )

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Have done a lot of walking in Kochi City ... up to the castle ... and "around the corner" to Ryoma's birthplace and museum. Also toured the coastal area via local bus. Kochi Prefecture is a nice comfortable place to visit. Lots to see and do. If you can get down that way, I recommend it very highly ...

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