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10 spots to go glamping in Japan


Glamping, aka “glamorous camping,” is the gateway to enjoying Japan’s nature hassle-free. A country that already puts extra care into aesthetics and cleanliness definitely does glamping like nowhere else in the world.

These 10 spots embody the glamping in Japan experience and will add a touch of luxury to the (already) great outdoors.


Namegata Farmers Village (Ibaraki Prefecture)

Choose from a tent or cabin on this widespread farm grounds and enjoy a quiet reprieve just outside of Tokyo. The “cabins” are actually re-purposed shipping containers with simple-and-sleek decor.

Depending on the season, you can pick plump strawberries at night from a greenhouse equipped with disco lights. It’s like the strawberries are having a rave — a truly unique experience! In the morning, enjoy a no-frills breakfast in the clubhouse that is the true embodiment of farm-to-table sustainability.

  • Why go? Nighttime strawberry picking with hot mulled wine
  • Container style from ¥16,000 a night (breakfast and BBQ dinner included)
  • (Japanese only)

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Glamping, when did the English language deteriorate to this.

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I've been camping in Japan for over 20 years and ...

There is no such thing as "quiet reprieve" at campgrounds unless you go to one with strict rules of "go to bed by 8pm". (Not a joke)

Weekends are almost impossible to reserve a site as most all campgrounds a fully booked. Meaning crowded. Which is why I keep my days off on weekdays.

As many complain about noise, many campgrounds request that you put out your fires and make zero noise from 8-9pm.

If you really want to do so camping and enjoy real camping, do the research. My wife and I always have a great time! But then again, we know where to go.
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Go to totolli beach campsite not in August, nearly never a soul to be seen, enjoy.

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I'm quite a light sleeper so I never actually really enjoy the tent part of camping and I don't want to be surrounded by posing Instagrammers all weekend, so i'll just stick to hotels thanks.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Not just where, but when. Make sure to do your glamping before the summer when it is too hot and there are serious mozzies to contend with, oh, and before the rainy season too.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Not only in Japan, in most developed countries, weekends are fully booked!

Shimanto River is probably the choice for the weekends as just watched in 'Only in Japan' Youtube.

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