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2009 will be the year of the travel deal


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The value of the U.S. dollar is surging


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Yes, against certain currencies - read the article. This was written with insights from Travelocity for a US dollar based audience and does not mention travel to Japan for obvious reasons.

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The temporary/contract workers who have been laid off will not be able to take advantage of these travel deals.

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So when is the fuel surcharge ripoff going to stop and when are travel agents going to advertise real prices?

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I can only convey my 'sympathies' to Airlines/Agents. Economy Class Travellers will remain firmly grounded until Airlines stop 'surcharge' and bring down airfares in line with current Fuel prices.

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Will 2009 be the year of the travel deal if you live in Japan? That's all I care about right now. AND, can I buy tickets from someone who is up front on the price?

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If your rich and famous travel, if not check that you will have a job when you come back to Japan,

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These are indeed trying times it seems in Japan. Here in America it seems as though everyone but the news reporters are optimistic about the economy. I see things here stabilizing a bit. I hope to visit Japan within the next year. I know it will be expensive but it will be worth it to see Japan I feel. I am not alone in that feeling lots of Americans would like to visit Japan. I just wish Americans would be better ambassadors when visiting foreign countries. But travel does broaden the minds of ignorant men.

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