Mizu Island Photo: Lilly Seiler

4 Fukui destinations for summer

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By Lilly Seiler

Japan's sweltering summerYou know the drill: pack some SPF, sandals and your best summer hat, and get started searching for ways to escape the heat. But, before you buy a ticket to a more popular summer destination, hear me out.

What if I told you there was an underrated prefecture perfect for a summer getaway? Look no further than Fukui. Home to temples, nature escapes and dinosaurs, this underrated vacation destination is guaranteed to make you fall in love.

Here are four destinations to make Fukui your next summer getaway!

1. Soak in the sun at Mizushima

Mizu Island Photo: Wikicommons/ Alpsdake

Escaping to an uninhabited island for the summer sounds like something only celebrities do. But in Fukui, it’s as easy as jumping on a little ferry and taking a 5-minute ride to paradise. Mizushima is a must for beach goers. The white sand and clear water make the island feel like a mini Hawaii.

Since the shade is limited on the island, you may want to pack a tent or wear some protective coverings. AKA, time to break out your most fashionable hat and beachwear and have an epic photoshoot. The island’s beautiful scenery is perfect for photo-ops.

If you’re not about posting on the ‘gram, how about fishing for sea urchin? The remoteness of this island allowed a couple of friends to catch some fresh, wild sea urchin with their bare hands. Of course, they ended up barbecuing and eating them later. I didn’t partake, but it shows how this island has something for everyone!

Tateishi, Tsuruga, Fukui 914-0841 - Map


Ferry: From Irogahama Pier to/from Mizushima (approx. 10 min.)

Ferry ticket: Round trip: Adults ¥1,200; children ¥650

Nearest station: Tsuruga station

Nearest bus stop: Nishiura-Gakko-Mae

2. Japan’s longest and highest zipline

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1 Comment
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Umm.. You forgot Mikuni Minatoza For the Amazing Mikuni burger! It’s the one spot that I always go to when I visit Fukui. It’s in Mikuni (Also famous for having in water fireworks). Or goto to Tsuruga fireworks where you can feel the explosions (not good for sensitive people).

What about all the other areas…

Eihei-ji Temple

Tojinbo / Oshima


Echizen Matsushima Aquarium

Green Center

Angel Land

Takeda Waterwheel Melody Park


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