5 reasons you should visit Fukushima - in their words

By Zoe Vincent

I moved to Fukushima in August 2016. Since then, I’ve been traveling around the prefecture and promoting areas which I believe would interest international tourists on behalf of the Fukushima Prefecture Tourism Association.

Over the last six months, I have visited sightseeing spots across over 50 towns and cities and attended study tours about environmental and social challenges, including the depopulation of formerly evacuated towns post 3/11.

The nuclear accident following 3/11 drew a lot of international attention to Fukushima. After the accident, certain residential areas affected by radiation were evacuated. Since then, thorough decontamination efforts have taken place and strict food monitoring policies have been introduced.

Six years have passed. But still the majority of English-language information about Fukushima centers on the topic of radiation, and much false information continues to circulate the internet.

Seeing this, I decided to start a blog about the real Fukushima – its challenges, its beauty, and its history.

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I would like to visit. Has anyone been the the Hawaiians Resort ?

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Yes, I have been to Hawaiians several times. The outdoor onsen is nice but not any nicer than thousands of ther similar places. The inside pool is a nightmare, well, not if you enjoy being around hundreds of little kids and their parents. And the Hawaiian dance show, well ...

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And how much is Zoe getting paid for her unscientific promotion ? By the way Zoe don't visit the damaged reactors for more than a few minutes as you'll receive a fatal dose of radiation .....

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This is blatant propaganda ! Where are the other visit Fukui,Shimane. Kagawa 'ads' on JT? Let's forget the multiple meltdowns and the ever present high radioactivity that is still increasing while we merrily gaze in awe at the slightly radioactive cherry blossoms!

As long as we keep on smiling we'll be ok!

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What is this 'false information'? Mentioned in the article?

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I love Fukushima.

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