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9 vacations to help rebuild Japan's disaster-hit regions

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By Lucy Dayman

On a whole, these days, tourism in Japan has never looked healthier. At the same time, some of the country’s outlying areas have faced their own set of tourism challenges. Following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that ripped apart the Tohoku region, many of the region’s cities faced double devastation, as much of the area’s tourism industry was also heavily affected.

Something similar happened in Kyushu two years ago, when, in April 2016, an earthquake shocked Kumamoto leaving much of the area in rubble. Tourism forecasts there are not looking much better.

Now — seven years after the Tohoku quake and two years after the Kumamoto temblor — the areas have shown an unbelievable level of resilience, and in terms of tourism plenty of the areas are back in action. However what they need now is an injection of tourism, which is why both areas are well worth exploring on your next Japan adventure.

The sheer accessibility, fascinating cultural diversity and natural beauty, choosing where to travel in Japan can be overwhelming, so why not consider somewhere that will benefit from your visit? From the snow capped mountains, and scenic coastlines of Tohoku up north, to the steaming volcanic hot spring hideouts of Kumamoto down south, there’s so many adventures to be hard, here’s just a taster.

Many of these areas are best accessible by car so if you do have to chance to get an international license or have your license it’s easier to get around, however public transport is still a rather viable option.

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We love Touhoku and have been going there since our first 1982 trip. I say go, see, onsen, and EAT!

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