Could you do it? Trips that ban cell phones, even for photos


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I don't have a phone here, so I would find it easy.

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It's a bit sad that people are so reliant on their phones, when in reality they can easily be done without. Phone addiction is real and a lot of people need help with it, don't let the real world pass you by!

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a sigh of relief in a sick world.

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Nothing wrong with photos as mementos.

The two problems are the urge to photograph everything, distracting from the moment, and the urge to photograph everything with yourself in the photo, placing yourself above everything else. So one or two photos of a sunset are fine. Standing there shooting a video selfie of it so that you're not even looking at it is not.

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Kensey Neely, 30, a speech pathologist from St Joseph, Missouri, signed up for the Lisbon trip. "I'm so excited to go," she said. "I had been trying to find a way to step out of my comfort zone.

By going to a foreign country? By not using your phone more than twice a day? Lol.

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I don't join travel companies that tell me what to do with my travels. If I feel like using my phone I'll use it, if I don't I won't. Really no reason to join a tour like this.

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When I visited Hiroshima in 2016, I could not understand the people smiling for selfies in front of the Atomic Dome. I thought that was pretty tasteless.

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