Haneda airport to check domestic passengers' temperatures


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Those with high temps are already probably sick enough to not be going out. What about the asymptomatic ones, or those that have Covid-19 without a high temp, of those that had a high temp for a few days but now had subsided? And what if you just have a temperature but no Covid-19?

This stupid policy by airlines needs to stop! It's like the 100ml liquid policy. That soon expanded to include honey, jam, etc, etc. And why 100ml? You can have that but not 110ml. I had some under use 110ml toothpaste (10% extra free) confiscated. Tried to explain that half empty means that only around 60ml remained. Still confiscated.

We are bring manipulated and controlled.

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Waste of time unless you are testing too. Evidence suggests that up to half of those with the virus is asymptomatic. You could also have a temperature above that rather low threshold for another reason.

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Good cautious sense.

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Took their time. I'm sure places like Taiwan have been doing that since the start of the year. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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Well, it’s not very invasive, especially considering all the thermo cameras already in use at airports.


there aren’t any tests that give fast enough results to test them. We don’t have other symptoms to check for, so unless you have a better idea....

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a better idea.... have people prove a real need to travel for any public transportation out of Tokyo

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WTF ? State of Emergency and Inter-regional Domestic travel out of Tokyo is still allowed .. with Tokyo being the current Hotspot, and being still open for people to depart - surely something is wrong there - at least in terms of containment ?

Haneda should be closed down.

As too Narita.

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Ban outgoing flights but keep incoming flights

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