JNTO introduces 'accessible tourism' initiatives


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Its a bit clumsy for Japan to tout its "accessibility" when all foreign tourists are currently denied access to the country.

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The underground in Japan is a nightmare of misleading adventures reaching deadends with no way back except to call for help.

Escalator up...then a huge amount of steps and no escalator down to where you started!HELP!

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An European friend of mine has been hired by a japonese company in DEC2019 with a working permit and a vias . Since he is "Handicaped" by his nationality and can not enter Japan to honor his contract .

Is there an initiative for such "handicap" on the table ?

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This is a good thing, if/when Japan opens up to tourists again.

The easiest fix for the metro is better signage for lifts. There are some stations where I have struggled to find the exit, and others where I have 'exited' into a shopping mall. Some signs need to be bigger than others. A tech option is to use an app interacting with nearby sensors. Wherever you are, the app will detect your position and display a localised map with basic directions.

To make Japan more accessible for elderly people, fix the pavements. The constant redevelopment has turned some areas into a trip hazard theme park.

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Japan has a host of regional wonderful attractions, many of them still unknown, and JNTO will continue to actively promote the splendor of the country and make Japan a destination of choice in the post-pandemic world.

My word, what purple prose! I think you'll find many of Japans "unknown" regional attractions are served by public transport at a rate of 10 trains or 4 buses a day. They're hard enough to get to without a physical disability.

If Japan wants to promote '“barrier-free minds” aimed at encouraging everyone to respect and support each other’s individuality', perhaps they could start with the school system, which ends in an identical recruit suit and an identical haircut.

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