Japan promoting universal tourism, catering to diverse dietary needs


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This is good. I found a 'vegan Tokyo' map/guide leaflet on my last trip.

Most food products highlight allergens. Small pictures would be good if the label/menu is in Japanese. Nuts need to be very clearly flagged on wrappers and menus given the anaphylactic shock risk.

For some allergens, there is usually a simple alternative. For example, some people get reactions to garlic and onion. Leeks offer a less commonly allergenic alternative. Non-dairy milks for cow's milk is the obvious one. It is worth experimenting with meal components do reduce or negate the allergy threat without inflicting additional pressures on thin margins. There is often a simple/cheap option.

If eateries can offer at least one vegan option, even if it is only one, they will cover most of the elective diet bases.

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Japan promoting universal tourism,

HAHAHAHA!! No one is even allowed in! Hilarious!!

catering to diverse dietary needs

Really? I have a muslim canadian friend who can't find chicken or beef sausages, Turkey or chicken bacon, and the only hamburger he can eat is from Costco. 90+% of all processed meats and cold cuts here are pork so if you are muslim, jewish, or hindu you are SOL. LOL

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Anticipating a recovery in the number of overseas visitors to the country in the post-pandemic period, Japan is moving fast to accommodate diversity and inclusion in its tourism sector


Japan is not comparable with other 1st world countries regarding choice of food or catering to dietary restrictions.

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Hindu foods are very easy to find in any big city.

What the heck is Hindu foods.

Demand for vegetarian and vegan food in Japan has grown in recent years

That's all very well, but can you please make sure you know what 'plant-based' means? It does not mean soya substitutes with chicken or beef extracts, or eggs and milk. There's a lot of jumping on the bandwagon without knowing anything about the bandwagon.

As for Japan promoting universal tourism - where are the tourists?

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Because he will only eat Halal meats?

No he complained mainly about sausages and hamburgers being pork.

Otherwise, check out The Met Guy. He does great sausages including really tasty lamb ones.

Know the meat guy, and you are right. He has some amazing stuff

You must know halal shops in Tokyo? I recommend Gyomu Super, use them all the time.

So do I. Really cheap and have some great stuff. i recommended the chain to him. Unfortunately, they discontinued their chicken sausage. Even I have to admit that I'm getting a little tired of pork. except ramen and gyoza. LOve THEM!

thanks zichi

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I got turkey bacon from Costco a few months ago Aly, I saw it and was curious to try it. I honestly don't know if it's a regular stock of theirs but I guess it would be?

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Did someone say “*turkey bacon” *!?!? - Will go to COSTCO Sunday!

(Please have turkeys, please have turkeys, please have turkeys, …)

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Last EXCELLENT turkey dinner IN JAPAN was Dec 2019 !! -

**NOKA Roast & Grill, InterContinental Hotel OSAKA. - Aussie Chef Wesley Marshall prepares a variety of European & Asian cuisine, something* for Everyone. - Here’s hoping they can accommodate us again THIS year. - Stay safe, everyone.

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This is nice in theory, but when will they allow tourists in again!? They're just starting to allow people with current visas in, there's something like 370,000 people who have been waiting. After they get through them tourists will be....??? Summer 2022?

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I got turkey bacon from Costco a few months ago Aly, I saw it and was curious to try it. I honestly don't know if it's a regular stock of theirs but I guess it would be?

REally?? That's news to me! it must be something new. I prefer it to regular bacon because it doesn't have as much fat and cholestorol- I'll definitely check it out! Thanks!!

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