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Oyama Afuri Shrine Image: KANAGAWA PREFECTURE

Kanagawa offers superb winter views

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Kanagawa Prefecture, which you can reach in only an hour from Tokyo, has a variety of tourist spots you can enjoy all through the year. However, the following sites are especially recommended for their fabulous winter views. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to see a beautiful scenery created by a thin layer of snow.

Oyama Afuri Shrine

Built over 2,000 years ago, this time-honored shrine is popular as a power spot you can reach by cable car, as well as a hiking destination. When covered with a blanket of snow, the shrine has an almost divine beauty.

If you get chilled visiting Mt Oyama, then you must stop by Tsurumaki onsen (hot spring), which contains the highest level of calcium in Japan. Directly absorb calcium, an essential element for healthy skin, and ease your fatigue by soaking in the hot spring. It is said that the spring water has a firm and beautifying effect on your skin.

Tsurumaki onsen

The water at Tsurumaki onsen has the highest level of calcium in Japan.

Daiyuzan Saijo-ji Temple

Saijo-ji Temple is well-known for the legendary tengu, or a long-nosed goblin, and has a lot of tengu statues on its premises.

Saijo-ji Temple's "tengu" statues

Saijo-ji Temple is beautiful on a snowy day.

If you wish for good luck in your career, health and prosperity, or have some issues you have to make up your mind about, this is the spot you must visit. During wintertime when there are fewer visitors, you can enjoy the snowy landscape in solemn tranquility.


Mt Fuji is seen in the distance.

Hakone boasts great popularity among tourists as a hot spring resort. Snowscapes from Lake Ashino-ko and the ropeway are must-sees. Nothing beats the amazing sight of the magnificent snow-capped Mt Fuji over the lake. Spend a relaxing time aboard the pleasure boat crossing the lake.

The Hakone ropeway

A train trip is a fun way to see the snowy scenery.


Many leisure spots are brightly illuminated during winter. It is like a party of lights that makes you warm and drives away the biting cold.


Enoshima Sea Candle

Sagamiko Pleasure Forest

So if you are looking for somewhere close to Tokyo with some spectacular winter scenery, Kanagawa Prefecture will leave you with some wonderful memories..

For more information, visit https://trip.pref.kanagawa.jp/

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