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The lobby of the Hotel Okura

Rebuilt iconic hotel Okura Tokyo opens


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Yes, you're right. Rebuilt is a better word.

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Rebuilt is correct but the lighting and atmosphere is much the same as I remember before they closed.

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Wow! Looks like just about every other expensive hotel in Japan! Not much originality there.

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I like it. Looks slick.

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Brown and beige, brown and beige every interior is brown and beige. Looks like a 70's nightmare.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Looks really nice and I would really like to spend some nights there however it wouldn't fit within my budget I'm afraid.

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Brown and beige are common colors you encounter in washitsu large or small. I like it in hotels and ryokan, it reminds of private residences and provides a sense of calm.

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Lovely to see they've managed to retain the elegance of the original. I worked there as a concierge nearly 20 years ago and was sad to hear it was torn down. This is tasteful reinvention of an iconic Tokyo landmark. Bravo.

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Opened after 4 years of renovations? Really? Sounds extravagant to me.

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