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Record number of tourists visit Japan in 2017

By Behrouz Mehri

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I was one of them, 3 weeks this time. This was my 10th visit. More to come, I just want to stay forever.

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I've got four relatives visiting in the spring. Only one has been to Japan before.

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Third visit for me in 2017 hopefully Fourth in 2018 - Its strange a lot of Aussies don't go to Japan personally I think its a far better destination than Thailand or Bali.

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The Aussies go for the ski season and the culture. Probably not going to stand out in somewhere like Tokyo so much.

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Not a good news. They will soon recognize the damages of the mass tourism.

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So many Foreign tourists are disappointed with the fact that the famous tourist spots in Japan are full of foreigners without realizing that increase tourists are from their mother country.

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