SADO ENJOY PASS opens up Niigata island's rich nature and traditional culture


Sado is a treasure island in Niigata Prefecture that has condensed all the charms of the Japanese archipelago. It is a place where you can enjoy the rich nature and traditional culture of Japan.

Travelers can pack so much into one trip. That ranges from exploring its natural beauty, including picturesque beach inlands to cascading rice paddies, as well as learning about the rich gold-mining history, nihonshu (rice wine) and onsen (hot spring) culture.

The best way to experience the charms of this island is by taking advantage of the SADO ENJOY PASS. It is a ticket for overseas tourists visiting Japan, but foreign residents in Japan who have a passport can also purchase it.

Details of pass

Price: 6,000 yen (40% discount from regular price)

Applicable: To anyone 12 years old and over

Includes Round-trip fare using Sado Kisen Niigata-Ryotsu Car Ferry 2nd class

Sado Island Niigata Kotsu Sado Route Bus 3-day unlimited ride ticket

Select one from four types of experiences

Valid for 10 days from the date of boarding. No day trip.

Note: You can upgrade the cabin, change boarding to jetfoil, or change to a high-speed car ferry that connects Naoetsu Port and Ogi Port by paying an additional fee at the ticket office.

List of additional charges (one way) 

Niigata Port ⇔ Ryotsu Port

1st class cabin: 1,000 yen

Special cabin: 2,000 yen

Jetfoil: 2,000 yen

Naoetsu Port ⇔ Ogi Port

High-speed car ferry

2nd class seat: 1,000 yen

1st class seat: 2,000 yen

Note: Advance reservation is not required for the car ferry. You can board the ferry on the day you purchase the ticket. No cancellation fee is required for cancellation after the purchase.

Experiences on Sado Island

You may choose one from the four experience tours specified below.

Sado Rekishi Densetsukan

(Available all year round)

A Heian Period kimono-wearing experience with sweets and admission tickets are included. You can enjoy a costume-wearing experience for 30 minutes. Commemorative photos of you wearing a costume are taken with your camera or smartphone.

Sado Nishimikawa Gold Park

(Available all year round)

A gold panning experience and making accessories with the collected gold is included. You can choose to make a keychain or pendant.


Rikiya Kanko Kisen

(Available from April 1 to October 31)

A tub-boat ride and a commemorative photo plate are included.


Senkakuwan Ageshima Yuen

(Available from April 1 to October 31)

A glass-bottom boat tour and grilled seafood (turban shell and squid) are included. You can enjoy a 15-minute glass-bottom boat tour and grilled seafood.

Other benefits of SADO ENJOY PASS

You can rent an electric bicycle available at the Sado Tourism Center without having to pay the basic charge of 500 yen for the first two hours by simply showing the pass at the counter. (You will incur extra fees if you keep the bicycle for longer than two hours.)

You can use this service only once. You need to pay for the basic charge when renting a bicycle for the second and subsequent time.

You can receive special benefits such as discount services at affiliated facilities on Sado Island by showing the pass. Please check the following website for details about the content of special benefits as well as facilities on Sado Island offering such benefits appertaining to the Pass.

Important Information 

The pass cannot be reissued, so please take extra care against theft or losing it.

You will get a refund only if the ferries heading to Sado are cancelled on the intended day of travel.

Some regular bus routes on Sado island may change at certain times of the year.

SADO ISLAND ENJOY PASS is distributed by Niigata-Sado Tourism Authority Co Ltd.


This plan is subsidized by a subsidy which has been set aside by the Japanese government to conserve and promote remote island areas.

For more information about the SADO ENJOY PASS, visit

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