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Travel body calls vaccine requirement by airlines discriminatory


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It will more then likely become a Visa requirement so .... but great to see that she is not concerned at all about the safety of the workers in the industry...

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"We should never require the vaccination to get a job or to travel," said the industry body's Chief Executive Gloria Guevara, speaking on a Reuters Next conference panel.

We already do. Yellow fever vaccines are mandatory if you visit places where that can occur.

With covid, the vaccine requirement won't be forever, just 1-2 yrs.

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That must win the price for the most stupid remark in COVID 19 times. she should resign instantly. How much distanced from reality does one have to be to make such a statement in these times, in that function. I am not a Qantas fan but in this case they are 100 % correct

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"If you require the vaccination before travel, that takes us to discrimination."

How so? We require children to receive certain vaccinations before they are allowed to attend school. In some cases that requirement extends all the way to university level education.

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I'm ok with discrimination against people who refuse to get vaccines. It's not like this is something inalienable that they cannot change, such as their sex or their race. Any non-vaxxer simply has to make the decision to be a vaxxer.

Only the willfully stupid would think it's a problem to discriminate against the willfully stupid.

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Said the wolf, newly appointed to guard the chicken house. Like most, I'm with the airlines on this one.

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"I totally disagree with the approach from Qantas," said Guevara, whose organisation represents a sector accounting for as much as 10% of global employment. "If you require the vaccination before travel, that takes us to discrimination."

What gobsmacking stupidity. The decision will likely be taken out of the airline industry's hands anyway, as when mass international travel resumes most governments worldwide are certain to require evidence of Covid-19 vaccination from passengers before they're allowed to enter their countries.

I can't even work out why this woman is saying this. It doesn't even make economic sense. Does she really believe that the majority of airline passengers are anti-vaxxers who'll be flocking on to planes because they won't need to be vaccinated? Newsflash, Ms. Guevara, the opposite is true. Then majority of us will want every passenger on the planes we travel on to have been vaccinated before they get on board and breathe all over the rest of us.

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The airlines are right to guard against liability.

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"There's a massive lack of trust out there right now," Fernandes said. "Countries will say, 'Is that PCR test really done to our standards?' Governments are becoming incredibly nationalistic."

And he's right. There's no consistency among nations with testing protocols. This means countries where 35+ cycles are run in PCR tests are likely generating large numbers of false positive results, thus inflating the number of cases and making the pandemic seem much worse than it is. The airline industry just wants to get moving again, obviously, so they're tossing up ideas that would help to get their planes back in the air.

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What I don't get is why are so many people concerned about other people getting the vaccine because once you've had it yourself there should be no risk to you?

Strange logic

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If the effectiveness of the vaccine proves to be on the lower end of the ranges thrown around (months) then what a cluster this will be for traveling. Country A requires a shot within the last 3 months, Country B in the last 9 weeks, if your visa is for longer than X you need to have the vaccine by this date. Ugh. If it wasn't for family I would probably say to hell with it an not leave my country or even fly for that matter.

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@theFu - I think you are being too optimistic that any requirement, once instated will go away.

Being an Atlanta guy, I am sure you remember how long it took just to remove hwy 400 tolls years and years after paying off the bonds?

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The body clearly does not want to take sides as there are people against it and for it. Also standards are different among countries which essentially means there is no standard.

It's not discrimination though as it's about a choice, the choice to get vaccinated or not. That is unless people have no choice and cannot get vaccinated.

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Calling this action discriminatory is a cheap, uninformed shot when the intention is clearly to protect peoples health. As others here in the comments have mentioned, C19 vaccination is likely to be a CDC form 731 requirement by every country on the planet. Chief Executive Gloria Guevara is educated in marketing and computer science. Not being a medical professional, she should not be making health decisions for travelers or for any country.

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What I don't get is why are so many people concerned about other people getting the vaccine because once you've had it yourself there should be no risk to you?

Because there are some people who, for medical reasons, cannot be vaccinated. Everyone who can, needs to be vaccinated. Especially people who travel. Wouldn't be good to travel to another place or country and bring this disease with you. There have been examples of that in recent years and I'm not just talking about COVID or SARS or other infections of this sort, but cholera was brought by rescue teams from 1 country to another when they were their trying to help.

If your family or friends are killed from an outbreak due to a traveler, perhaps you'd feel differently?

As for GA-400, I never used that road, but I did vote for the Governor who removed the toll booths. In my county, every tax has a time limit included in the law for when it ends. If more taxes are raised quicker, that ends the taxes automatically. The laws have 2 ways to end. Max time and sufficient money.

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