Yamanashi: Japan’s wine country in Mount Fuji foothills


A ring of emerald mountains around a low plain forms landlocked Yamanashi prefecture in the Chubu region, a landscape ripe for outdoor activities. Hiking, climbing, fishing, camping and hot springs are all within easy reach, while fertile conditions have blessed the region with some of Japan’s most delicious fruit.

Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Yamanashi, reflected in the pristine waters of the Fuji Five Lakes. Kawaguchiko, Yamanakako, Shojiko, Motosuko and Saiko run along Fuji’s northern foot with Kawaguchiko being the main gateway to the region. Take the Fujikyu railway for a scenic approach, or hop on a direct bus from central Tokyo for easy access to Japan’s most iconic views.

See the spectacular shibazakura at the base of Mount Fuji.

Yamanakako is a popular summer resort, especially for water sports, with lots of camping spots around the lake. The surface of Shojiko is where you can photograph the classic reflected image of Fuji upside-down, while at Motosuko you can recapture the scene of Mount Fuji that’s printed on the ¥1,000 bill. During late April through May, get your camera ready for the spectacularly photogenic shibakazura flower festival, where thousands of tiny pink and purple moss phlox form a giant flower carpet with Fuji as a backdrop.

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Been there. Yamanakako is really beautiful

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I did a wine tour there a few years back, and toured a little too much wine! I was hurting the next day.

It's beautiful around there in October as well. Well worth a trip.

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