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Air travel with kids: The keys to a successful flight

By Teresa Ann Koide

Back in the days, I dreaded getting on that first 15-hour flight with my then 9-month-old. The idea of facing air travel with my kid when going back to the States was giving me pure nightmares.

Now aged five years old, my daughter is a veteran traveler with a total of 7 round trip flights between Japan and the USA under her young belt. I have acquired experience along this rocky way and I’m here today to give you the lifesaving tips I always keep in mind when air-traveling with kids. So buckle up and bon voyage!

Rule No. 1: Logistics Are Key

When it comes to kids, there is no such thing as “improvisation”. If there is only one thing you should remember from this article, it surely is logistics. Think, prepare, check everything!

Prior to the flight

The first step to prepare your air travel experience with a kid is placed way ahead of your trip: read your child a storybook about flying on airplanes.

Be it the first or seventh trip you are doing together, your little one may not know what to expect inside a plane and it can be frightening. Reading a story together is the best way to help apprehend the upcoming experience. “My First Airplane Ride” by Patricia Hubbell is a good choice for young kids. It is also fun to visit an airplane museum if you have one in your area!

Don’t forget to prepare your outfit too! Making yourself comfortable will surely help your toddler feel comfortable as well.

Direct Flights Are Always The Easiest

My advice: go for a flight that will allow for maximum sleeping time.

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Did it many time. Easy to do. Changes of clothes and plastic bags for soiled stuff is a given.

JAL is also brilliant at taking care of any adult health issues for food like diabetes 1 etc. Super accommodating and will even serve the one without the issues at the same time so you can all eat together. I was impressed with them flying to China in December.

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Agreed. Travelling with small kids is easy. Just avoid North American airlines, since they hate kids. They see them as a kind of vermin. Fly with an Asian line, especially Korean Air. They really take great care of kids and are happy to see them, and often bring little perks to keep them happy.

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