Airline industry sees long-term rebound for sector


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Fine for people in countries like Sweden or France to pontificate about replacing air travel with trains, but for island countries like Japan or Australia the only practical way to travel internationally is by plane. So I hope the airline industry is correct about the future of air travel, and I further hope to be on a plane from Australia to Japan sometime in 2022, the earlier the better.

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The movement in Sweden and France is about short haul travel and mostly domestic travel. Nobody is suggesting you swim from Australia to Japan, although you can try.

The four main islands of Japan are connected by trains. The problem is that the Shinkansen costs an arm and a leg, compared to similar, if not better, trains in neighbouring countries. For example, high speed travel in China is much much cheaper and the network is extensive and still increasing.

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I'm familiar with the shinkansen system in Japan, having visited the country a number of times and always using trains as my main means of getting around. For me, though, the shinkansen and JR trains generally don't seem expensive, because I have the advantage of being able to buy a JR pass before I arrive. I have never used a plane to travel internally within Japan, and can't imagine any scenario where I would, except in case of dire emergency.

Glad to hear no flygskammers are suggesting I should swim from Aust to Japan. If the flight-shaming thing were to get too zealous, however, they might suggest I should sail there, just like Greta did across the Atlantic - which for me would be some kind of hell on earth, or rather, water.

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