Airline passengers want to see plastic barriers to boost confidence: industry execs

By Jamie Freed

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did not seem interested putting fewer seats in economy class

What?!!! Of course we want fewer seats!

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Airline passengers want visible plastic barriers in the cabin to reinstill confidence in flying during the pandemic

Total BS.

...airline customers, fearing cost increases, did not seem interested putting fewer seats in economy class..

Total BS.

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If these barriers are single use they will be the flimsy, flammable plastic type in the cabin. No.

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Why do they have to be plastic?

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

More Magical Thinking. The virus goes along the air and does not care about your plastic shields.

Skip it. Plastic companies are making a mint, no doubt.

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did not seem interested putting fewer seats

The seats can be there just don't have ppl sitting there, ie. stagger it.

The plastic likely doesn't change the risks of flying by much.

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