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Airline tickets to raise cash for U.N. health effort


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If I knew Japan's airlines charged more for tickets to send cash for the UN then I'd take the boat.

The elite who control the UN and her various orgs have done nothing but disappoint and cause trouble as far as I can see.

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Do NOT donate money to this UN program if you oppose abortion. Because at least a portion of its funds go toward enabling abortion around the world.

I'm not trying to start an argument with people who are okay with abortion. If that's your opinion, so be it. I'm just warning those who, like me, morally oppose the taking of the lives of the unborn. If you donate to the Millennium Fund, you will be contributing to abortion.

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If you want to donate for a wealthy cause try to do it yourself. No need to give it to some organisation to manage your money. No need to go to Africa to help the needy. Needy are there even in your neighborhood. I remember one poster mentioned in another thread that she leaves some food items in a seperate bag cos she found that someone's been searching through her garbage. Even among your own friends, you can find that there is someone suffering silently. Why not do something for that person. I try not to show that I see them suffering. One of my great Jfriend was struggling to make ends meet. I cannot just offer money like that. So I waited for a wonderful opportunity: on the son's graduation I gave the money as a graduation gift. Just a small contribution, but it did make a difference.

I have experienced the way NGOs NPOs and other charities work. Not one, but a few, and I will never get fooled by them anymore.

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Sorry for the mistake on my post above- 'worthy cause'

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UN should charged on Tobaco and cosmetic goods in duty free shops and keep donation boxes in every airport and street. Air fare is very hig now days because IATA's wrong policy in eticketing system implementing new policy.

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Can we donate money to bring back DDT? That would be one of the most effective ways of saving lives.

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forget that scam...probably it'll end up as 35 cents going to AIDS and $1.65 going to the ticket agencies for shadowy 'administration costs'

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Soon the Globalists will be offering your carbon offsets at ticket booths also.

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