Airline, travel site sue over 'hacked' airfares


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That's brilliant. Good on this guy. I hope he can defeat this lawsuit, after all the airlines are the ones setting these fares, he's just pointing them out. That's not a hack.

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Brilliance and morality are not the same, are they young man? You clearly do not subscribe to "one for all and all for one." I hope we never meet.

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You clearly do not subscribe to "one for all and all for one."

I don't subscribe to it as an absolute. One needs to also consider one's self as well as the all. A proper balance is necessary. Only thinking of one's self, or only thinking of the all, are both bad extremes.

Airlines are truly scamming people at times. When it costs more money to fly one-way than it does to fly round trip, then they are scamming the people. When airlines charge one rate to fly round trip TO Japan, and a more expensive rate to fly FROM Japan, they are scamming the people. When airlines charge more for a flight that flies directly to a city than they do for one that goes to that city then moves on to another city, they are scamming the people. In this case I most definitely do not ascribe to the one-for-all philosophy, as the airlines are not subscribing to that philosophy themselves.

I hope we never meet.

I'm ok with that.

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"Unfair competition"? Isn't that what the airlines are doing? If an airline around here tried to sue people who figured out how to get a cheaper fare, the consumer commission would crush them for anticompetitive behaviour.

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Totally agree with randomenigma about the hypocrisy of the lawsuit. "Unfair Competition" is what most airlines should BE SUED FOR, given their collusive practice of jacking up airfares during peak periods. Not to mention the huge increase in ticket prices when oil has expensive, but no reduction in those prices since the price plummeted.

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