U.S. airlines want to bring back passengers banned over masks


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With the rule gone for now, airlines are training their lobbying efforts on eliminating the requirement that international travelers pass a COVID-19 test within a day before boarding a flight to the U.S. Airline officials believe that rule is making Americans hesitate to book international travel because they could be stranded away from home if they contract the virus on their trip.

One or the other. If people aren't going to be wearing masks, they need to get tested. Or if they aren't going to get tested, they need to be wearing masks. Otherwise it's a perfect storm for cluster.

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I swore off flying long before COVID because the TSA and airlines themselves made it so irritating. The mask mandate just steeled my resolve. Removing the mandate makes it more likely that I will one day fly again, but that likelihood still hovers around a 0% chance.

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A ban should be for life. If you can't follow a simple rule, how can you be trusted again?

I'll avoid flying if other passengers aren't masked. THEY mask protects me. My mask protects them. Simple.

At least until I'm out of the $15 pak of masks, then I won't want to wear them anymore. /s

Flying in the US has been a huge hassle since 2001 with all the security theatre. The TSA is the CCP of the US. Mostly propaganda, few facts.

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They've been banned because they refused to do what you told them they needed to do. They figuratively gave you the middle finger. You want them back?

You don't need their money. You've got millions of other fliers.

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Welcome them back.

The bans are yet another example of authoritarian overreach in a world that is swimming in it nowadays. The masks do very little to protect anyone, as the pores in the masks, even N95 ones, are far bigger than the SARS-CoV-2 viruses. But the adult children still insist on begging for governments to run people's lives. Grow up.

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