All Nippon Airways’ first A380 rolls out of final assembly line


All Nippon Airways’ first A380 has rolled out of the final assembly line in Toulouse, France.

 The aircraft has been moved to an outside station where various ground tests will be undertaken in preparation for first flight in the coming weeks.

Once those are completed the aircraft will be transferred to the Airbus facilities in Hamburg for cabin installation and painting.

ANA placed a firm order of three A380s in 2016, becoming the first customer for the superjumbo in Japan. The first delivery is scheduled early in 2019, and the A380 will initially be operated on the popular Tokyo-Honolulu route.

To date, Airbus has delivered 229 A380s, with the aircraft now in service with 14 airlines worldwide.

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The fuel capacity for this aircraft equates to about 120 tons per wing. That's like 10 school buses on each wing.

Forget about the weight for a mo....think about the volume that would take.

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Forget about the weight for a mo....think about the volume that would take.

If you want to include the trim tank which is in the horizontal stabilizer at the back, the aicraft holds 85740 US Gallons or 324540 kgs of fuel. The trim tank itself holds 6260 US Gallons.

I think you'll find these are the ex Skymark A380s order which they couldn't afford in the end.

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The Skymark A380's have gone to Emirates for high density routes as the configuration was closely matched for their purposes. These were new builds for ANA.

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They're very silent from inside, and look majestic during landing...

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"To date, Airbus has delivered 229 A380s"

It's gonna be awhile before they surpass the 1,546 Boeing 747s that have been delivered.

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The Resident,

I stand correct on the Skymark A380s, they have indeed gone to Emirates.

However, there is something in the Skymark deal with ANA buying 3 A380s from Airbus.

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Airport landing & docking will become increasingly expensive in big congested airport hubs. 2 aeroplanes capacity into a single may become a cost effective advantage there. Let's see.

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The A380 is a technological marvel. I think it has a place in the future. We won't see it go soon and I believe more orders will come. Like "wipeout" took boeing to build 1,000 747's 25 years to get to that will definitely take Airbus longer than that...(doubtful they may get to that number though)...but it is an aircraft that is needed in the long run...

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