Amadeus now featuring limo bus services between Narita and Tokyo


More than 100,000 travel agencies worldwide are now able to offer customers the option of pre-booking Airport Transport Service tickets between Narita Airport and the Tokyo metropolitan area, at the point when they make flight and accommodation bookings on the Amadeus GDS.

David Brett, President of Amadeus Asia Pacific said, “This partnership with Airport Transport Service is a significant milestone. It demonstrates the strength of our global reach and our ability to help travel operators to increase revenues and build their brand. We are thrilled to be selected as the exclusive technology partner to offer travelers the opportunity to book Airport Transport Service tickets in Japan. We look forward to developing a long term partnership with Airport Transport Service as they grow their business in the future.”

Amadeus sources revealed that between 40 to 80% of inbound travelers are unaware of transport choices to reach central Tokyo until they arrive at Narita Airport. With this new Amadeus partnership, Airport Transport Service will have access to more than 100,000 new sales channels worldwide.

Travel agencies are also able to enhance their relationship with their Tokyo-bound customers by offering convenient bus tickets to transport them from Narita Airport to a wide variety of destinations in downtown Toyko, booked and paid for before they even leave home. This saves travelers the trouble of last-minute inquiries or queueing for tickets.

“Airport Limousine operates the most frequent shuttle service from Narita Airport to major hotels in the Tokyo metropolitan area, offering visitors a direct, hassle-free ride to their destination,” said Mitsuo Suzuki, president, Airport Transport Service Co, Ltd. “This new partnership with Amadeus means that we will be able to expand our business by significantly increasing global points-of-sale for Airport Limousine tickets. We look forward to working with Amadeus as we continue to grow our business in Japan.”

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Now if somebody would bother to put up any contact information we could actually use it.

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Does this apply also for buying airport bus tickets bought in Japan? Until very recently it was impossible to buy/reserve a ticket from Narita to Tokyo (inbound) in advance. Neither at the respective offices nor websites - "because the numerous delays would cause disarray". Only tickets from Tokyo to Narita for outbound flights were sold in advance.

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I am mystified - why it is an important thing to book a bus or train in advance from the airport? There's Keisei Bus and Friendly Airport Limousine, Keisei and JR trains, and English assistance for all of it. It could not be easier. I had zero problems my first trip to Japan when I spoke no Japanese and no problems since (other than crappy bus connections to my apartment).

In fact, I am glad you can't pre-book tickets for the buses from the airport. How annoying would it be to arrive at the airport without a reservation and be unable to get to your destination in town because all bus seats are pre-booked? It should be first come, first served.

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what about the delays - when I used to go through the foreign passport queue it used to take anywhere from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours - the latter after a plane load of high school students from South America got in just before me, man was that chaos!!!!

No problem for me though - I take the car. Airport parking at Narita is so cheap and convenient.

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Will it be any cheaper? If not then I don't see a difference especially for passengers used to coming in and out of NRT. The Limo Bus works swell as is.

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Yeah, I can't see pre-booking a time because of the difference in clearing customs. Sometimes you would miss the bus. But the NEX out of Yokohama is getting slower and slower.

I agree that finding all the seats pre-booked would be a real bummer. The thought of local trains all the way through Tokyo is not appealing. But a lot of people do it.

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