American Airlines limiting passengers on some jets


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"seat cushions"? after a crash I think you won't tke the time to remove the seat cushions with the knife that were not authorized to take on board anyways...

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It appears that AA are "redesigning", i.e. reducing, the seat pitch in business class in order to pack more seats into economy.

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American Airlines was rated the worst US airline in 2008 ( It does not surprise me that AA would sacrifice passenger safety in pursuit of profits. There is a big difference between a 'seat cushion' and a 'life raft', and no PR spin can alter that fact. I recommend all travelers avoid American Airlines whenever possible, and fly with carriers that care about their customers lives.

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Good this means I have a better chance of having an empty seat next to me so I don't have to jostle for elbow position on the armrest with the person sitting next to me.

Not enough life rafts for all the passengers now, eh? This reminds me of that scene in Titanic:

And get to a boat quickly. Don't wait. You remember what I told you about the boats?

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Seat cushions acting as a life vest/raft? On AA flights? Hell, I've had instances where I stepped off an AA flight with a sore back and a** due to practically no cushion filling on those seats. You could literally feel the metal seatback through the "cushion".

Those things must be paper thin. I can't imagine it could act as a flotation device for any grown adult...

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If your plane crashes the least you have to worry about is drowning

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the cushion comes off with Velcro, however, the cushion itself is of no use if the water is freezing.

these people on this flight were very lucky the pilot is so experienced and could do a soft water landing. Even though you never have "crash experience" he made every single right decision, including flying straight down the Hudson, otherwise he would have crashed over Fort Lee on his way to Teterboro.

I imagine what a sight it must have been, especially after 9/11 (actually its proof that 9/11 can happen again, with no time to react).

He was also lucky (or maybe he planned it) to land at exactly the point where the Hudson river ferries go through. genius!

that's the guy i want flying my plane, or at least training the pilots out there.

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"If your plane crashes the least you have to worry about is drowning"

Unless your plane soft crashes into a river and stays afloat for awhile, like that US Air flight that crashed in the Hudson River, but the rescue boats are slow in coming...

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