American Airlines resumes flights from JFK to Haneda


American Airlines has resumed its flights from John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Haneda is the closest airport to the central commercial area of Tokyo, and the flights place travelers just 20 minutes away from key downtown business districts.

Nearly 70 million customers pass through Haneda Airport annually, making it Asia's second busiest airport and the fifth busiest airport in the world. It is also Japan's main hub for domestic flights, providing the widest range of options for connections to and from cities throughout the country.

American and Japan Airlines (JAL), its Pacific joint business partner within the oneworld alliance, now offer customers the choice of two daily flights between JFK and Tokyo – one JAL flight to and from Tokyo's Narita Airport, and the resumed American Airlines flight to and from Haneda. Japan Airlines will codeshare with American on the New York-Haneda flight.

"We are delighted to again offer our customers these extremely convenient flights," said Tim Ahern, American's Vice President – New York/International. "Travel between these two great cities is a key ingredient in commerce and cultural exchange between the United States and Japan, and we are pleased to team up with our excellent partner JAL in providing customers two travel choices every day."

Yuki Tanaka, Executive Director, New York Office of the Japan National Tourism Organization, added: "Tourism from the United States to Japan is on the upswing, and American visitors will be delighted by the many new hotels and attractions Tokyo offers today. The resumption of American's nonstop flight to Haneda from JFK should accelerate this positive trend, since the proximity of Haneda to downtown Tokyo will make it all the more inviting for Americans to visit this fascinating city and experience its many attractions, including the finest in culture, food, sports and entertainment."

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Personally, I'm glad to see more international flights from Haneda. It's very convenient since I work in Tokyo.

Some of these flights (e.g. ANA to LAX) leave around midnight, so I can get away pretty much straight after work.

The New York flight leaves early instead, about 06:40, so it's slightly tricky to get there by public transport the full 2 hours before departure that's recommended (well, minimum actually). That's the only problem. Well, AA aren't my favourite airline actually, but then they had a great offer when they first started selling tickets for the route. They were about 60% of the ANA price, so they're taking me on my O-bon holiday to NYC.

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Minimum time before departure? Think you find (yes, for international flights), that ANA and JAL are happy for you to get there 45 minutes before. BA 60 minutes. The 2 hour minimum is only enforced in the USA these days by the retarded TSA regulations.

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Resumed? I wonder when they stopped. Perhaps in the late 1970s when Narita opened?

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The Haneda service was suspended after the March 11 disaster last year.

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