American Airlines to expand in-flight web access


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Web access,should everywhere including on airlines.

It makes travel informations and other information needed for travel ,easy to learn about.

There is no country in world you cannot travel to these days easily,with so much info available on web.

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rajakumar: do you mean downloading movies during the flight? If you want to travel, you should better learn where you are going before boarding your flight.

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In-flight internet service is nothing new, KAL offered it a few years ago, but stopped in late 2007 for some reason. It's so nice to be able to browse the internet on those long, trans Pacific flights

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Great. Now there's access to on-line porn at 37,000 feet...

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I wish they would expand the legroom and armrest room in economy class.

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I wish that American Airlines could implement technology to keep their staff from stealing from customers checked luggage. Last time I had the unfortunate experience of flying with American Airlines I had many items stolen from my checked bags and their customer service refused to take any responsibility for my losses. I strongly recommend that passengers choose an airline other than American Airlines, despite the novelty of being able to check your email in-flight with this new overpriced service.

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How many laptop batteries do you know that would make a long trans pacific flight? How many seats have plugs nearby? First class does, but there you need a special adapter, and for a Mac, they are expensive. In coach, I am not able to see my screen as the tray table is too damn close and this sounds like a terrible idea, unless you are in business or first. There are power ports in the galleys, but depending on how nice the crew is, more than likely they will not let you back there to charge up your battery. Will they replace the no smoking light up signs with little pictures of computers? Will they let you walk around with your laptop in your arms and sit in the aisles so you can view the screen at the proper distance? Also with unsuspecting turbulence, you are going to see a lot of fights happening if a drink from a neighbors tray gets tossed in the air and lands on your key board. Keep the internet out of planes. It is like the only time many of us get to rest and be away from the computer.

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