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American, Hawaiian Airlines take aim at Delta's Haneda service


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As an international traveller I am all for halting Delta's monopoly of Japan routes. Sometimes upon landing in Narita I feel like I landed in Minneapolis or Atlanta when I see all those Delta planes. It's not good for travellers when one airlines gets a monopoly on routes.

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My destination is always Tokyo so Haneda is much better than that long (and more expensive) train/bus trip to Narita.

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haneda is overrated to me. you have to transfer so often while lugging around your luggage. also, the arrival time (from SF at least) is 1030 at night! maybe good for biz travelers but not for people living in tokyo.

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Haneda need organizational work. Having only one crowded bus ticket line is rediculous. There are all sorts of lines near it that have nothing to do wih getting a bus. Landing at 10pm from Hawaii is no fun trying to get a businot Kanagawa. You just make it or miss it and sleep at a train station. Rediculous timing on trains here.

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Currently the slots at HND for US bound flights suck! All departing plus/minus 2400hrs. I know people that work at AA & they said pax loads are crap due to crappy slots.

So unless that starts changing NRT will still be the main airport.

I work in freight & HND can be a PITA so even though may utilize flights at HND I almost always to my clearance etc at NRT & have the freight trucked to/from HND which is a common practice

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Good, Delta is possibly the worst air line I have ever used.

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The domestic connections from Haneda also need improving: there is no direct link to Sendai, which makes it actually less convenient for some of us than Narita.

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I wish foreign airlines would make Kansai their hub if the landing rights come down. Foe those of us who live outside Tokyo the connections can all be done via just one terminal. Anyone experienced the hassle of going from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 at Narita? The shuttle sucks and with the Olympics just around the corner I can imagine thousands of travellers waiting for the airport shuttle. But of course nothing will be done or can be done as Japanese authorities do not read English newspaper/media or take heed of the angry shivering commuters once they are outisde their terminal.

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Delta blows.

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At least I am lucky in that I fly AC and their arrival/departure times at Haneda are normal (arrival around 17:00, departs around 19:00...perfect timing for me. Can 't stand flights that arrive or depart super late at night or worse 6 in the morning.

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Flying to Narita used to be really bad, but with the Keisei Skyliner and JR East Narita Express trains and limousine buses that go directly to various hotels in the Tokyo area, it's not that bad, especially the trains since 1991 now go directly under the Narita airport terminals.

While I do like the supposed convenience of flying to Haneda, the airport facilities are still not (in my opinion!) not fully developed for airlines that are NOT JAL or ANA. Mind you, limousine bus service to Tokyo area hotels from Haneda is less expensive, though.

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