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ANA’s new Economy Class seats receive Good Design Award


All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Toyota Boshoku Corp have received the prestigious Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion for its new Economy Class seats. Intended for ANA's domestic aircraft, the seats were created in collaboration with Japan's top automotive seat designer Toyota Boshoku to increase comfort and convenience for passengers.

The cutting edge seats, which are being introduced on ANA's Boeing 777-200 and 787-8 aircraft, employ the latest ergonomic insights to make the seats as comfortable as possible. The revamped Economy Class seats for domestic flights are the latest in ANA's extensive efforts to improve seating across its entire fleet.

"For the average passenger, few things matter more than how comfortable they are in their seat," said Hideki Kunugi, Executive Vice President of ANA. "ANA has invested in improving the in-flight experience by taking steps to ensure that all of our seats are designed with the passenger in mind. Our commitment to exceptional service extends to every passenger on board, and our Economy Class seats demonstrate our commitment to all who travel with us."

"We are proud that the seats we designed were recognized by Japan Institute Design Promotion for their outstanding quality," said Takashi Yamamoto, Operating Officer of Toyota Boshoku. "Toyota Boshoku is primarily known for its car seats, but this award indicates that we have the same standard for airline seats as well. Our design process integrates the latest ergonomic data to create seats that boost the travel experience."

The seat was designed with a full range of body types and postures in mind in order to find the ideal balance for ANA's diverse passengers. Designers also took positioning of the monitor into account, reducing stress by evenly distributing body weight across the tailored seat. Even the shape of the backrest frame has been optimized to make it perfectly fit a variety of body types. In addition to increase ergonomic seating comfort and heightened access to technology, the seat is also designed to maximize safety for all passengers.

The Good Design Award has been presented by Japan Institute Design Promotion since 1957, and is awarded to products in a wide range of categories including industrial goods, architecture, software, systems and services. Judges were impressed by the Economy Class seats, stating that they remained comfortable over long periods of time.

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They should show these seats in the plane so we can see how there's no knee room between the rows.

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I've had sliced bread that's thicker than those seat-backs.

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