ANA becomes 1st Japanese airline to provide universally accessible entertainment content on international flights


ANA will become the first airline in Japan to deliver universally accessible entertainment on international flights. The service starting in November includes subtitles to help hard-of-hearing passengers understand dialogue and musical lyrics, as well as audio explanations to communicate on-screen movements and scenes to visually impaired customers. Both subtitles and audio explanations will be available in English and/or Japanese.

In addition, in an effort to attract more international travelers as a global leading airline, ANA is boosting the amount of foreign language programming. In November, ANA’s international flights will offer content from among 12 languages.

The flights will also feature ANA’s original programming introducing Japan. The series “SKY EYE” introduces individual regions of Japan, and will be available in English and Japanese. Theme-focused program “IS JAPAN COOL?” will be available in English, Chinese and Japanese.

For further details about ANA’s in-flight entertainment, please visit

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What I'd like airlines to do is also provide English subtitles for English-language movies. (Is it really that much of an effort?). Because the inside of the plane is already noisy, you end up really cranking up the volume which can't be too good for the ears.

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I want to see a sign language version of all content.

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I was hoping that the “IS JAPAN COOL?” thing would fade away.

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Just give me a power socket and wifi and remove those convoluted and entertainment systems. There's never anything worth watching, would rather watch stuff on You Tube for 12 hours.

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@Pukey2 and @MsDelicious - as a very hard-of-hearing person who turns off his hearing aids when flying, I thank you for your comments. They're right on. As for what ANA is doing, after using a few other airlines for my annual sabbaticals in Japan, I used ANA this year - twice - from Vancouver, and they're by far the best airline to fly from Canada (especially since I get to land at Haneda, instead of Narita. I won't fly with anyone else, at least to Japan.

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