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ANA launches Experience JAPAN Fare


All Nippon Airways has launched a new campaign for foreign visitors to Japan, called Experience JAPAN fare, which is valid through Oct 27, 2012. The campaign offers fares to any of ANA’s destinations within Japan for as low as 10,500 yen.

Compared with a JR pass, this campaign is economical and less time-consuming.

To be eligible for the campaign, foreign visitors are required to live outside Japan, hold a passport issued by a country other than Japan or, in the case of Japanese passport holders, have permanent residency outside Japan, and must hold an international ticket to and from Japan (it doesn’t have to be with ANA).

Tickets must be purchased online at ANA SKY WEB. The fare will be converted from Japanese yen to local currency, and will change depending on the exchange rate. Rebooking and change of routing are not permitted. (However, change to an earlier flight is permitted at the airport on the day of departure on a stand-by basis).

Please visit for more information on routes and airfares.

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I wish ANA would give me a break on the fare on my next flight to the U.S.

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What a shock! Serrano complaining about the price of something. Just fly United or Delta then!

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Sounds nice but I think the JR railpass is a better deal for taking in the sights & feel of Japanese life!

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Agreed with Bartholomew. Taking the shinkansen takes about the same time as flying, when you take into account all the hassle of flying. And instead of sitting around an airport, you can be looking out that big, wide window, watching the countryside go by (quickly).

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A bit late JT!! This campaign started off in July and was aimed at Summer tourists,although I cant think of anyone wanting to visit Japan in the Summer.As with most campaigns there are too many restrictions,airports are a long way from anywhere.Train package for tourists is a much better deal.

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Whatever happened to the useless government agency that was trying to promote tourism from outside of Japan and the "special" tickets ANA was supposed to offer? It could have subsidized the ticket cost by giving a cash amount at the arrival airport, provided VAT refunds upon departure with or without receipts (minimum amount based on the number of days in Japan,) and other ideas that have been suggested. Get the tourist there, and they will spend.

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