ANA recognized for 'World's Best Airport Services' and 'Best Airline Staff in Asia' at SKYTRAX World Airline Awards


ANA has once again been recognized as the world’s leading airline in two categories at the prestigious 2017 World Airline Awards hosted by SKYTRAX. The awards for “World’s Best Airport Services” and “Best Airline Staff in Asia” were presented in a special ceremony at the International Paris Airshow this week.

SKYTRAX attributed the awards to ANA's consistent pursuit of excellence in customer service, both in flight and on board. The SKYTRAX World Airline Awards are determined by the results of an online survey completed by passengers worldwide. 2017 marks the sixth time ANA has earned the "World's Best Airport Services" award, and the fifth consecutive year it has won in this category. It is also the fourth time ANA has been commended for having the "Best Airline Staff in Asia,"and the third consecutive year it has won in this category.

The "World's Best Airport Services" award is presented to the airline that receives the highest level of customer satisfaction across the full range of airport services. It embodies the high quality of service ANA staff provide across the airline's 42 destinations worldwide. ANA said it endeavors to deliver customer service tailored to each passenger's needs at all stages of the airport experience, including the check-in counter, lounges and at the boarding gate. Below are some of the activities ANA carried out to make a smoother experience at the airport.

  • Renewed the counter layout in the Narita Airport departure lobby, installed automatic check-in machines and clearer directions how to board
  • In the ANA Lounge at Narita Airport, began a "Chef Service" where the chefs prepare and directly serve customers nigiri-zushi (sushi by hand) and other dishes
  • Renewed the departure lobby at Haneda Airport Terminal 2, color coding counters by function and adding signage with easier to understand text and icons, winning the Good Design award
  • Launched "ANA Baggage Drop," the first automatic service of its kind in Japan

For the "Best Airlines Staff in Asia" award, SKYTRAX recognized the coordinated efforts of ANA airport staff and cabin crew to continually improve service quality. SKYTRAX commended ANA for going above and beyond all other airlines headquartered in Asia to provide the ultimate customer service both on the ground and in the air. The following are some of the measures ANA staff have taken to further improve their service.

  • Deployed the "ANA Communication Board" supporting 17 languages to foster better communication and improved support for international customers
  • Installed Japan's first ever "Remote Sign-Language Interpretation Service" to improve service for passengers with speaking or hearing impairments
  • Conducted training for staff at departure counters and lounges so they can more actively understand and serve passengers' requests
  • To enhance services for the growing number of international passengers, expanded international hiring beyond Shanghai and London to include Thailand and Hong Kong as well
  • Introduced an airport customer service skill contest to improve hospitality, as well as an OMOTENASHI (Japanese hospitality) expert contest for cabin attendants

Yuji Hirako, President and CEO of ANA, commented on the awards: "As a global leading airline, ANA continues to provide our passengers with world class service, and we are honored that SKYTRAX and its readers have once again recognized our commitment to deliver the best passenger comfort, convenience and safety. Our new efforts such as the ANA Communication Board and universally accessible entertainment on international flights symbolize our pursuit of excellence with a touch of Japanese hospitality, from the moment our passengers check in until they leave the airport at their destination.

"These awards would not be possible without our hard-working staff on the ground and on board, supported by inspiring training programs and innovative new services. Most of all, I would like to thank all our customers for voting for us and continuing to make ANA Japan's leading airline."


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I agree ! The best !

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Sounds like they deserved it.

Just a side note - spoke with a middle-aged Japanese woman friend yesterday who has just returned from 12 days in England with 2 friends. They travelled independently.

Trip was great. The only downside was the ANA aircraft they travelled on. She said they were surprised to see such an expanded business class area and economy was much smaller than normal. That was not a problem, but the fact that economy seats had reduced personal room and NONE of the seats could be reclined - NONE. The return journey saw the same situation.

Mind you this was on a long haul direct flight of 13 hours, so one wonders admidst all the awards and back -patting, if there is a conscious decision to discriminate against the "bread & butter" payers in favour of the "scones & jam" set.

Maybe it's become the norm with other airlines too, but no amount of sushi and ometenashi contest(sic) training would convince this brain and body to engage in torturous activities.

Any others with more detailed info please post.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

The seat bottom slides forward, giving the passenger the feeling of slightly reclining.

The good thing is that no one will be pushing their seat back into your face.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

browny1: I actually prefer the ANA seats that don't recline as the person in front cannot invade your space. The seats do slide forward, at the expense of your own legroom.

But I always check which aeroplane ANA will be using before booking. If it's a 777 with 10 seats across, or a 787 with 9 seats across I will use a different airline as the new ANA planes have seats that are far too narrow for long haul, and I'm not a big person. The armrests are 2 cm wide hard plastic stick-like things that are horribly uncomfortable and the tables are so narrow and wobbly it's impossible to fit the food tray and a drink on table at the same time. Awful.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Dom & Scrot - thanks for that.

I wonder if my friend knew that the seats slide - interesting?

And yes - having a fully reclined seat in-your-face is certainly not always welcomed.

And as scrote confirmed - the seats & space are way too small for a long haul. I mean 13 hours non-stop is really stretching it in what seems to be sub-standard seating.

But money wins out.

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Best Airport Services - including lounge services - I agree, ANA is among the best . Best Airline Staff in Asia? This does certainly not include airlines from the Middle East and some from SE Asia. There are a number of top quality airlines in Asia which are equally good and - when it comes to language skills - often much better than ANA. ANA does certainly not lead in this field.

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And they're not too much more expensive than trash like united to boot. I stay with Star Alliance primarily for ANA.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

I have to fly ANA regularly - a client gives me no choice. My experiences with ANA have been quite bad, particularly airport services leave much to be desired: competence, assistance even plain manners (like apologising for obvious mistakes). Singapore Airlines is so much better and given the choice I would choose JAL, Thai or Korean before I'd go with ANA.

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I can't stand the non-reclining seats. When the bottom slides forward, it shoves your knees into the seat in front of you. Reclining seats make sense, because the person behind you doesn't need or use the space about 2 feet in front of his/her head into which the backrest moves.

There's a reason 95% of seats in the world are this way, but trust the Japanese to do it different: and get it wrong.

As for airport services, Bangkok Airways, with lounges for ALL passengers, has got to be No. 1.

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Majority of the new 1st class and business class seats(Shell, cubicle) also slide forward to recline fully now.

System is also used on the new luxury bus liners.

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