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ANA to launch Narita-Mexico City flights


ANA will launch direct flights between Tokyo's Narita Airport and Mexico's capital Mexico City beginning February 15, 2017.

ANA becomes the first airline to operate direct flights daily between Japan and Mexico, greatly increasing convenience and flexibility for business and leisure passengers between the two countries, as well as passengers from other Asian countries taking advantage of smooth transfers at Narita Airport. Mexico City becomes the 42nd international destination in ANA's wide reaching network.

The new route will become ANA's longest flight, and will be operated using a Boeing Dreamliner 787-8 to ensure that all passengers have a comfortable in-flight experience.

Mexico has signed free-trade agreements with more than 40 countries around the world including Japan and the United States, and is increasingly gaining attention as an attractive manufacturing and export hub. The economic ties between Japan and Mexico, particularly in the automotive industry, are growing stronger every year. In the five year period starting in 2010, direct investment in Mexico from Japan increased by approximately 2.7 times, while the the number of Japanese-owned companies setting up operations in Mexico roughly doubled . Economic cooperation between Japan and Mexico is expected to expand further.

“We are proud to be the first airline to operate direct, daily flights between Japan and Mexico to better serve the growing business and leisure demand between our two countries,” said ANA CEO and President Osamu Shinobe. “We hope our flight will also contribute to a closer bilateral relationship, economic prosperity and cultural exchange.”

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"ANA becomes the first airline to operate direct flights daily between Japan and Mexico..."

Wrong. Aero Mexico (SkyTeam) has offered this same route for quite some time now.

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I've noticed a selfish tendency on the part of ANA these past few years. Their airfares have shot up.

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Actually the information is correct.

ANA is the only company offering DAILY flights. Aeromexico is only every other day (a big problem for business travelers).

This is actually very good news as competition is always good. Just last week I booked the Aeromexico flight Nrt-Mex-Nrt for ¥52,000 (final price).

They might be getting ready for ANA's flight.

Many Japanese connect in LAX or even Houston cause they don't "trust" foreign airlines or their company has an agreement with ANA/JAL.

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