ANA to offer plant-based ramen on international flights


All Nippon Airways (ANA), together with the company, Chikaranomoto Holdings Co Ltd, which runs the Ippudo brand, has developed plant-based ramen noodles "Pla-ton," as an in-flight dish option on ANA international flights. The dish will be offered in First Class and Business Class of long and medium haul routes (excluding some) starting Thursday.

Since June 2013, ANA has offered a variety of Ippudo ramen as part of its light dishes in First Class and Business Class on international flights on selected routes. Popular dishes include shoyu (soy sauce) soup ramen, named "Furusato," tonkotsu (pork) soup ramen, named "Sora-ton" and miso-based noodle, named "Daichi".

The new ramen "Pla-ton" delivers Ippudo's signature tonkotsu flavor, while remaining completely vegan to accommodate customers with different dietary needs.

"Ippudo is a Japanese staple and we want our passengers to experience a taste of Japan regardless of dietary needs or culinary preferences," said Tomoji Ishii, Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management and Planning of ANA. "We will continue to innovate new in-flight dishes, so every passenger can enjoy a comfortable and tasty in-flight experience".

ANA said it is continuously working toward its "universalization of food" goal as part of the ANA Future Promise, including the renewal of healthy and vegetable-based meals, and the addition of healthy options to Business Class dishes. Additionally, Ippudo realized that there are many people who cannot eat tonkotsu (pork) ramen or choose not to for various reasons including environmental concerns, religion or health-related issues, which prompted the company to start the plant-based ramen initiative with the hope of bringing the taste and culture of ramen, to more people around the world.

Source: ANA

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ANA said it is continuously working toward its "universalization of food" goal

I think that was done billions of years ago.

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the addition of healthy options to Business Class dishes. 

And for those in cattle class, let them eat empty carbs, fat, and salt.

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As a dedicated Pastafarian, I say, Ramen to that.

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Can't wait.

Just flew United biz, and was served plant-based meatballs.

The world is changing.

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