ANA to utilize new self-service baggage drop at Narita airport


All Nippon Airways (ANA) will continue its track record of technological innovation by becoming the first airline to utilize the newly introduced automated self-service baggage drop machines at Narita airport. Set to be featured at Terminal 1 South Wing, these self-service baggage drop machines will be the first such machines that ANA has implemented for international flights.

ANA said the machines will enhance its airport service and provide a faster travel experience to its passengers. By integrating these machines into its check-in process, ANA aims to upgrade not only the domestic but international flight experience as well.

Use of the self-service baggage drop machines will be available for international flights to most destinations starting Tuesday, with North American destinations becoming eligible by the end of 2019. The self-service baggage drop machines will streamline the check-in process and remove one of the most stressful elements of the travel experience.

"ANA seeks to set the standard for the integration of technology that makes travel simpler and more straightforward, and the addition of these self-service baggage drop machines will have an immediate impact," said Masaki Yokai, Senior Vice President of ANA. "This is simply the latest step that we have taken in our never-ending quest to simplify travel. We remain committed to working with airports and other partners to field test new technologies and develop solutions that improve customer service."

Narita International Airport Corporation will eventually install the self-service baggage drops at all terminals. With the first self-service baggage drop machines debuting at Narita Airport Terminal 1 in the South Wing D zone, the Narita International Airport Corporation has labeled this area, "Smart Check-in Zone." With these new machines, ANA aims to enhance airport services and provide a faster travel experience for its passengers.

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Sorry all but gotta disagree with this. Based on experience, these machines have actually slowed the process down. Why? Two of the biggest problems that had me running to my gate: Machines malfunctioning and people who don't know how to use them and waiting for staff to be available to assist them. I prefer the personal touch of being checked in by a human.

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Oh and one more point. Being that I have to do everything myself to get on a plane, how about reducing and/or eliminating airport tax.

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I dread the sight of the self check-in machines. They often don't work for my wife and I. About half the time or more the machines refuse to scan our passports, and a staff member makes a few futile attempts before telling us to...wait in a line! A line filled with people having serious problems and taking ages. Takes longer than in the old analogue days.

My passport was manufactured in the Philippines, while my wife has a compound middle name. I suspect those are the reasons. The systems' engineers need to realize that not everyone in the world is the same.

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Used these at Taoyuan yesterday and they were superb. They save a whole load of unnecessary queuing after online check-in.

Disagree with previous comments. Taoyuan was packed yesterday and all you do is print your boarding pass at the machine, have it checked against your online checkin, then load your suitcase yourself. You can even check that your suitcase is on it's way ok via a large screen.

These are the future. Online checkin and load the suitcase yourself. Airport counter desks should only have a handful of passengers.

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Terminal 5 at Heathrow is all self service and it's a pain in the bum. Even if the machine recognises your passport, there are always queues at the self service baggage drp as people can't work out how you use them and some people can't use them. The computer system has crashed many times too.

I hate self service check outs, check ins, baggage drops etc. Self service is zero service.

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Ask not what your airline can do for you, ask what you can do for your airline...

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