ANA wins Airline of the Year Award


ANA, Japan’s largest airline group, has been named 2013 Airline of the Year by Air Transport World (ATW), the leading monthly magazine covering the global airline industry.

Washington DC-based ATW bestowed its first awards for excellence in 1974. Over 30 years later, they are regarded as the benchmark of quality and achievement for companies and individuals within the airline industry. Winners are chosen by a panel of judges composed of ATW editors from all over the world, after extensive debate, with nominations submitted from outside the magazine and the editorial team itself.

ATW Editor-in-Chief, Karen Walker, commended ANA for “its exceptional financial performance, fiscal management, customer service and technology leadership that set the bar for the entire global airline industry". She also added that "when you put in the kind of financial reports that ANA consistently posted through 2012 and provide excellent customer service despite a challenging market, that’s the signature of a first-rate airline."

The ATW editors look for superb innovation and leadership by executive management; strong financial discipline; a consistent and excellent safety record; proven leadership in community, eco and technology endeavors; and consistently high standards of customer service. ANA has achieved this despite a fiercely competitive home market, devastating natural disasters and political tensions which have negatively impacted the market.

ANA President and CEO Shinichiro Ito commented: “We are truly honored to receive this award. It is a tribute to the dedication of each and every member of the ANA Group - past and present - for whom I speak when I thank all of our customers and partners for their support. We are proud, and humbled, to stand alongside the past recipients of this prestigious accolade."

A Gala Awards Presentation Dinner will be held on the evening of March 26 in Washington DC and Yoji Ohashi, Chairman of the Board at ANA, will be presented with the award on behalf of ANA Group.

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Makes sense. Great service and facilities and routes. However, my next slated flight on ANA is priced at 300K! about double the usual fare. I wonder if the 787 debacle is to blame?

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I'm not surprised ANA won this award, I love this airline. That being said...

Jeff - Your next ANA flight is 300,000 yen, double the usual fare of 150,000 yen? My ANA flights are usually around 100,000 - 120,000. If they have doubled the price, you had better go with another airline unless you don't mind wasting a lot of money.

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ANA is not a bad airline but they're nothing special either. I was disappointed with their Business Class service in comparison with other quality airlines out there. No pre take off drinks and the seats at the time didn't fully recline into a flat bed. Asiana incomparison is a far better quality airline more deserving of such an award.

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Maybe Lee-san is travelling First Class ?

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"I was disappointed with their Business Class service... No pre take off drinks and the seats at the time didn't fully recline into a flat bed"

Poor baby! As far as I know, seats reclining into a flat bed are only in First Class.


Lee san's usual ticket price is about 150,000. This is not First Class or even Business Class price.

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Yes, Serrano, I'm looking at other flights now. And nope, that was the economy fare!

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Poor baby! As far as I know, seats reclining into a flat bed are only in First Class.

Maybe mrsynik's seat was defective ? I have travelled many times in ANA's Business Class, they also have reclining seats that DO recline into flat beds.

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ANA and JAL are very nice but fly on AA?? UA?? Or most USA based airlines and they suck!!

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ANA might not have the most luxurious accommodations (the seats on their 737s are really a squeeze and I'm not huge) and their snack service is nonexistent, but all staff are unfailingly courteous and very helpful. JAL is improving too after the bankruptcy, and I look forward to their refurbishing their longhaul aircraft because the seats remind me of clapped-out Hyundai taxis in Bangkok.

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Steve, but how many flight attendants on ANA, JAL are snobby? Mean? In a constant crappy, angry mood?? ZERO!! They are Japanese and they know to leave that personal crap at home, once they are at work, smiles, bows, ANA, and all Japanese service BANZAI!!! As for the crap service on Americun Airlines, North Worst, United Hairline etc...well I will let my $$$$$$ do the talking!

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You kidding, there is no way this airline should have been in the top five let alone number one. I would personally put emirates, etihad, and Singapore ahead of this mob. Even Korean is nicer IMHO. Having flow quite a lot in recent years l tend to steer well clear of ANA.

Oh and Serrano the seats in business on Singapore recline into flat beds

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